You’re an Overachiever, right? Same. Welcome to Overachievers Anonymous.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Safe Sharing, Amongst Humans.

People are quick to share their success stories in business, but want they don’t tell you is the path to success is paved with reality - which isn’t as sexy as it sounds.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an executive, an employee or just starting out in your career, there’s unfortunately a certain stigma in business. Sugar coat. Shit sandwich. And don’t necessarily talk too much about the struggles we’re facing, really, in business. And honestly, it’s damaging. To our souls. To society.

Frankly, when things get tough in business, it can sometimes be a dark lonely place, even when you’re surrounded by so many. Our desire to achieve can often blind us from red flags, overriding our instincts and often have us facing imposter syndrome - but it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, I’ve created Overachievers Anonymous (OAA). A super stealth, safe space where you can come talk with myself and others in an intimate group environment, about an issue or five you’re facing in business. I’m offering a closed, safe confidential space for you to listen, share and even heal through the experience of another in this closed, intimate environment, with a group of 8 or less people.

OAA is built on anonymity. Think of it as a secret club you can trust. It’s actually pretty empowering to be in a room full of strangers, feel safe and be able to share your sh*t.

So, all that is asked, is that you come along, be open minded and chat. It’s pretty simple. You may find a new pal out of it. Or simply, may just get some stuff off your chest. Or, be guided to a solution indirectly through organic conversation.

OAA runs pretty simply. Not for profit, no paperwork (other than a registration form). Just creating a space for people to come to and bounce off a like minded community. If you register to come along to OAA, you agree to some terms and conditions and pretty straightforward rules. Chatham House Rule applies.

Register for FREE on Eventbrite. If you register, we ask that you turn up. If you can’t make it, please cancel 48 hours in advance to open the spot for someone else. Spaces are limited. Groups are small. Please make this worth your while, and others.